Oven Cleaning

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Cleaners at Berkshire Cleaning have got extensive experience cleaning ovens and extractors. We use a special commercial grade oven cleaning solution which is perfume free and works extra fast. For many people it cans take days to clean their oven, but we can do it in as little as two hours leaving your oven like new and ready to use straight away.

There is no heating of the oven required to clean it other than making sure there is no residue left. We take care of everything including the glass in between the door panels, extractor and hob plates. We will also clean the racks and trays that came with the oven so they sparkle like new.

 Included in the service

Oven cleaning, inside and out
2 Steel racks & 1 oven tray
Extractor fan & surrounding area
Hob plates, buttons and gasket
Grill area or bottom storage compartment

Price: £45

There are many different types of oven available so if you own one with paper filters please be sure to provide them when we arrive and we will replace them for you. In some circumstances the oven door won't be able to be dismantled as the build type does not allow this so the area between the glass won't be able to be cleaned however, this is very rare.

On average it takes us approximately two hours to clean an oven however, if we are very busy we may request that we come the day before to apply the cleaning solution. This may mean that your oven will be out of use during the night, but will be fully cleaned the next day.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us on 07775 763401 or email us at bcsdirect [@] gmail.com